The preparations for the second session of the Expo are on the rise: the number of companies registered has exceeded last year.

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|Information taken from the evening news on June 27, 2019 |


The grand occasion of the first import fair is still vivid, and the preparatory work for the second session has been in full swing: the business exhibition of the business exhibition has basically ended, the number of companies signing up for the exhibition has exceeded last year, and the total exhibition area has exceeded the first one; the investment promotion officially opened. In less than a month, the investment team went to three cities, and the enthusiasm of the buyers was “beyond imagination”... The “four-leaf clover” was ready to go.

The number of companies registered in the first effect has exceeded the number of companies in the world's leading audit, tax, financial transaction and advisory services. Ernst & Young, one of the world's leading audit, tax, financial transaction and advisory services, has signed the 2019 contract with the Import and Export Bureau. The decision was based on their “experience in the first registration” – no more late. The same is true. The opening hours of the registration of the 2nd China International Expo will be shortened by nearly two months compared with the first session. The registration of enterprises is very popular. Relevant information shows that the number of companies currently enrolled in the second session of the Expo has exceeded last year, and the total exhibition area has exceeded the first.

The reason why the second session of the Expo was favored and valued by more and more enterprises was largely due to the success of the first session of the Expo, which brought tangible benefits to many high-quality companies. A good example: During the first Expo, New Zealand dairy company New Zealand has reached strategic cooperation with more than ten domestic new retail leading companies, with an order value of over RMB 1 billion. According to the data, in the first quarter of this year, New Zealand's sales in the Chinese market increased significantly, and online sales soared by 309%. Such cases abound. As the earliest “explosive” exhibition area for the second edition of the company, the head of the medical device and medical and health exhibition area, Wang Binjie, was deeply impressed. “Roche Group is an important exhibitor in our exhibition area of the first Expo. During the exhibition, their exhibits received attention from all sides, and the signed intention agreement was also very impressive. They signed the second participation contract very early. This year will bring more exhibits worth looking forward to."

At the same time, many of the "outcomes" introduced through the first Expo will have landed in China. According to reports, the world's smallest pacemakers, Lipiview II eye surface interferometers and other new products, new technologies or industry-leading products and technologies launched at last year's show have been put into use in the domestic market.

At present, the exhibition work of the exhibition area has been completed, and the exhibitors have signed up. The original exhibition area of the exhibition hall has been reported as early as February. Now it is planned to expand and it is expected to use one and a half. In addition to last year's number of contracted companies, the top 500 companies and leading companies are far ahead of the first. At that time, many well-known companies will bring the latest research and development products, including the latest research and development of anticancer drugs and high-end medical equipment, telemedicine, smart medical solutions. Wait.

Strengthening precision investment The enthusiasm of buyers is “beyond imagination” On May 30th, the second China Merchants Roadshow was held on the Bund with the theme of “Collecting Business and Lighting CIIE”. Then, three investment roadshows were held in Hangzhou, Nanning and Shenzhen, focusing on medical, food and consumer electronics related industries. The activities have achieved good results.

"This year, in order to strengthen precision investment and optimize the structure of buyers, on the basis of extensive publicity, we will actively promote more private enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises to import fairs to negotiate purchases." Wang Liuyi, deputy director of the Investment Promotion Bureau of the Import and Export Bureau, said that Based on the analysis of the procurement data last year, this year's China Merchants Road Show will be more "accurate", and select domestic key areas to carry out investment roadshows. Each event highlights one area's key promotion and promotion. At the same time, in addition to the enterprises in the consumer electronics industry, there are many companies in the supply chain industry, which is beyond his imagination. "The enthusiasm of the company is very high, no one is leaving the whole process. After the announcement, Our staff members are 'blocked' by the company's representatives. They all want to know more about the exhibitor information and the follow-up registration process. Some supply chain companies have specially inquired about the time and place information of the supply chain special road show. Said to go."

Where is the next investment road show? Wang Liuyi said that at the end of this month, the first pre-show supply and demand match will be held in Shanghai, focusing on the technology life and quality life exhibition area, and at the same time holding a roadshow for investment. Next, according to the work arrangement, we will continue to carry out investment roadshows in some cities in China. |The article has been added or deleted |


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