The second session of the Expo will be held in November, exhibition area and the producers will increase

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China international import expo, is the party central committee with a view to promoting a new round of high levels of opening to the outside world major decisions. In November 2018, the first China international import fair successfully held in Shanghai, from five continents 172 countries (regions), and international organizations to participate in more than 3600 international companies participating, outside the territory of more than 40 of buyers to negotiate the purchase, the cumulative intention to clinch a deal amount is $57.83 billion.

The 2nd China international import expo held on November 5-10, by the national development, enterprises show and hongqiao economic BBS of three large activities, to achieve "bigger, better quality, innovation, higher level and better effectiveness, stronger", "the preparations for the current goes well, ostentatious work has been basically completed."

July 2 in the afternoon, the Shanghai municipal party committee, deputy secretary, mayor should be brave in the state council information office held a "deepening the reform to widen open - Shanghai city level and core competitiveness and comprehensive" briefing to introduce to more than 50 countries have so far confirmed to participate in the national exhibition, there are more than 10 countries will into the guest, enterprise will from last year's 270000 square meters exhibition area will increase to more than 300000 square meters, the world top 500 and receiving the industry's leading enterprises also increased from 200 last year to more than 250 this year.

At the same time, Shanghai hongqiao imports will also construction bonded show trading center, the more items to sell goods, promote more high quality goods and services from all over the world to enter the Chinese market, to build Shanghai into a linkage, services across the country, radiation Yangtze river delta Asia Pacific import and export commodity collection and distribution center. Shanghai will continue to the urban environment and first-class service to ensure that the second import expo successfully into work. We will further expand into expo spillover effect and driving effects, to pass into the exposition of hongqiao international open hinge machine construction, makes the internationalization the central business district (CBD) and the international trade center of the new platform. July 2, surging news | |


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